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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who doesnt like a bow?

Jaycie is doing well. She is smiling regularly. She can turn from tummy to back and occasionally can go from back to tummy, however her little arm likes to stay in her way. She is sleeping great at night. Just last night she went to bed at 8pm and didnt wake up until 4am for a feeding then straight back to bed. She is doing great! She has her last synagis (RSV protection) the begining of April for the season. All her siblings have had coughs and fevers and runny noses... Not Jaycie! So Id say the synagis and mama milk are doing what its supposed too! I wont get a weight on her until April 2nd but she is around 11lbs.
Thanks for checking in

1 comment:

Alaina said...

That is the cutest picture! Where did u find that one piece? The blue looks great on her ...