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Saturday, January 17, 2009

2 weeks home

Jaycie has been home for 2 weeks now. We are all doing great.

She was supposed to have a Drs appointment yesterday but.... Dr was sick so it was rescheduled to Monday! FINE with me... I have been a little under the weather lately.

Jaycie hits her due date tomorr0w... Funny thing about that due date. I say my due date is 1-18-09 because it IS by LMP on a reg 28 day cycle... however.... Dr's say its 1-20-09 by ultrasound.

I know why you are really here... Well wait no longer... BEBE girl!

With eyes closed... looks like Alexis

With eyes open....... Looks like HUNTER!!

With the big CHUNKY CHEEKS... looks like Tate


Alaina said...

she is too cute! Glad to hear things are well!

anneparvin said...

What a Little Doll!!! I am so happy things are moving along smoothly, well as smoothly as can be expected!!!
She is such a beauty!!!