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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jaycie ate 24 hours in feeds. (through a bottle) Wait lets back up.

I go in yesterday morning and she ate a shifts worth. If she ate the rest of the shifts worth she could have her NG tube out. While the NNP and Nurse were talking about it, Jaycie of course took care of the tube herself. She's getting good at that!.

She ended up finishing ALL of them. PLUS we were moved onto tonight. GO BABY GIRL! What makes this ALL exciting? If she finishes the next 24 hours... SHES COMING HOME THIS WEEKEND!

She is going to recieve her RSV antibitotis, and she will have a blood draw on her retic and crit., she will get her car seat challenge, ect. All the nessasary stuff to get her out of the NICU!.


The other day when Matt and I gave her a bath we afterwards dressed her in this. This is an outfit that Grandma Great got her! (this was from her Christmas money)

** She is in the swing at the NICU**

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Alaina said...

OMG I am so excited for you guys!!!! She is so adorable, I hope you keep updating even when she is home ... I know that'll be hard ... your going to have ur hands full =)

YEAH Jaycie!!!!!!