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Friday, January 9, 2009

A week since coming home!

Its been a week that Jaycie has been home. Its going well.

Monday she had her ped appointment and she was 6lbs 11oz. Im hoping she gains some good weight for her next appointment on this upcoming Monday.

Her monitor goes off at the worst times. Driving... sleeping... while rinsing out her 2 year old brothers eyes because he got hand sanitizer in them... you know... just to add the little bit more stress! :)
Apparently she has already filled up the memory in the monitor and they are coming to exchange it out today.

She is eating well. She eats about 70cc's every 3 hours. She nurses ONE GOOD time a day... and the other times are... not so good. BUT ONE DAY! One feeding she does so well and finished the bottle in 20-25 min with no episodes... other times (especially at night) it takes her 30-40 min and she gags on the whole bottle... :( I really want to push on the swallow study for her if by her due date her eating isnt better. The more she gags on it the more times her heart goes down and back up (thats not good) and the more she gags the more air and then we have gas trouble with her. The plus side to the NICU was... she had a NG tube in her nose and the would "SUCK" the tummy air out! I dont have that luxury for her.

She got a new chair/glider. Its a Fisher price soothing motions glider. She loves it! Uncle Ed and Aunt Theresa got her a gift card and this is one of the things we got for her! THANK YOU! It works wonders!!

The kids are great with her and come running by any alarm sounds... or crys... or grunts. They want to be sure mommys not hurting their baby! :)

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