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Sunday, January 4, 2009

38 weeks

Jaycie is 38 weeks gestation today. I am so glad she is home. I dont think I can express it enough.

She is doing better each day it seems. When she first came home, feeding her was a experience. With her having her episodes, monitors going off, siblings climbing all over asking to help, and Jaycie just being sleepy... I felt maybe she came home prematurely. The first night she didnt eat well at all. At about 2am I was worried. But that was the turn around. She started eating 60 -70cc's each feed. BUT she started to regress on nursing.

Yesterday before bed she started to eat more frequently and then last night (in the middle of the night) she only ate 24cc's for the 3am feed. And then when we woke up she was back to miss piggy. Its good tho... to get more calories during the day so eventually we can drop that 3am feed and SLEEP!

Today I wasnt as stressed about making sure she got lots of bottle and worked on nursing more (dont worry she also got enough cc's threw a bottle for doctors to be happy). Towards tonight she started nursing better again!

She did some tummy time today and didnt fuss at all. She just tried lifting her head and moving it from side to side. Her physical therapist did this with her everyday the last few weeks of her NICU stay.

Tomorrow on her 7 week birthday she has her pediatrician appointment. Im interested in her weight to make sure its on track.

Until tomorrow....

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Alaina said...

Glad to hear! Hope she still makes progress!