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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scratch that.

Lets get an update in here before more happens/ changes!

Yesterday Matt and I went to visit Jaycie and they changed her to "AD LIB" feeds. This means she got to pick when she was hungry rather than being on a scheduled time. The critera? She had to eat every 3-4 hours. Finish 200cc's a shift AND gain weight. Well last night at 9pm (12 hours after starting the order) She lost almost an ounce. Today at 9am (24 hours after the order and 12 hours after the last weight check) She lost another ounce. They canceled the order. She is on scheduled feeds again. 60cc's every 3 hours.

The Dr informed me that when Jaycie goes home she will be on a monitor. (This will let us know her heart rate, Oxygen Saturation, and Resperations). I have mixed feelings about this. I like it because... thats all I know Jaycie with is a monitor and I constantly watch it to see her fluxuations. She does still desat and have bradycardia with her feeds. During the night and when she is in deep sleep she does have lower sats. But what I am NOT looking forward to is "lugging" around a monitor where ever my baby goes. Hearing the LOUD no volume control monitor for false beeps. Downloading it to the company monitoring it.
The Dr informed me of the monitor at about 11 this am. By 4pm the company called me and let me know they are delivering it to the NICU tomorrow. They also want me to be there to get the training lesson on it. They work fast!

Yesterday Matt and I got to give her a bath. (this was the first bath Matt was present for) he videoed it while I bathed her. We will post the video soon!

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Alaina said...

monitor should be good ... I would feel more re-assured that way when I took her home ... that way if something does go wrong it will let you know =) Did they give u a date yet?