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Friday, December 26, 2008

I hear an ECHO... In the Canyon...

Last night Jaycie nursed 1 feed, Bottled two feeds and use the NG tube for the other. We are quite proud of her! She was with a "HARD" nurse that will only feed her when SHE thinks is right so we are glad she was able to feed! :)

At 3am the nurse was with another baby and heard Jaycie making noises over there. She finished up with the other baby and didnt feel the need to call for help because Jaycie was being quiet. Well about 10 min later the nurse went over to Jaycie. She had her hand straight up in the air in a fist waving her arm around. In her hand you ask? Her NG tube she pulled out. The nurse said she looked quite proud to have it too! Her and the other nurse in the POD laughed about it! She got to keep her tube out until 9 this morning when we needed to use it. She was wide awake but had a episode while nursing and then another with the bottle, So TUBE fed she was!

Jaycie gets an ECHO today for her murmur and tachycardia. Im glad shes finally getting it since they've been talking about it .... FOR WEEKS and how they MIGHT do it. I hope it all comes out good!

We learned that Jaycie is in a "CURSED" bed spot. I guess the last few babies that had that spot in the unit had "FEEDING ISSUES" also. We joked about moving her but... the unit is FULL FULL FULL! I think they have babies stuffed everywhere! :) (Jaycies pod holds 3 beds and their are currently 6 babies in it, a set of twins, a set of triplets, and miss lonely Jaycie)

Jaycie is currently 6lbs 6oz, You can call her chubby... Im NOT denying it!

I hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


ETA (Edited to Add): Jaycies ECHO came back normal! No Cardiac issues!

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Alaina said...

wow that is awesome news the test came back good, hehe ...

so you are having no issues really with the breast feeding then? She seems to latch on and everything? If so thats sawesome! I know how much that means to you to be able to breast feed her ... plus thats probably why she is doing so well and gaining so much weight!