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Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy 3 weeks!!

Jaycie is 3 weeks old today. 4lbs 12oz. Her face is really filling out. She looks like a full term baby... just... SMALL!

She is doing well! Im really glad how smooth the past 3 weeks have gone. Between my parents and Matts parents watching the kids so I can go visit her when Matts at work. Matt being flexible on when I go and when... he cant go because he has to be with the big kids. My SIL Dawn checking on her the nights shes at work and giving me updates. Everyone that has left comments and emailed me letting me know they are praying and thinking of my daughter and our family. Thank you to EVERYONE! I appreciate all the support from EVERYONE! I hope the next coming weeks that shes in the NICU are just as smooth.

Thankful for everyone

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