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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Down hill from here...

Jaycie "GRADUATED" today. She is in the feeder/growers. She left her High intensive care pod and went to the feeder grower in the NICU. She is 4lbs 14oz. She is with nurses that specialize in getting preemies to "FEED" yay!

She had her developmental assesment today. They see if she is "acting" like a 34 weeker. They observed her for 90 min. And saw how she responded to light, sound, touch, nursing, my voice, strangers voices ect. ect. We get typed out results tomorrow.

We had the lactation consult today to check out her latch and some tips on getting her to stay latched on when she stops breathing (our concern was when she desated she unlatched and it is tough to get her back on)

Matt has his CPR course tomorrow (we both have to be certified to take her home, Im already certified)


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