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Friday, December 12, 2008

Miss trouble!

Jaycie did so well today and I couldnt help but gloat. During the day shift she didnt use her tube feeds ONCE. NOT ONCE! She did so well. She had no episodes with her heart. She did great on her oxygen levels all day! She did great!!

Tonight........ I called to see how her 9pm feed went. Aparently little miss trouble... had a pretty long brady episode and her oxygen wouldnt come up. She turned blue so they had to give her some oxygen to get her back up. They thought it was her feeding tube so they removed it because she did so well today eating and didnt need it. At her feeding she did 5cc's and had another episoded which she turned blue so they gave her oxygen again and put the tube back in and gave her, her feeding through the NG tube. ( sometimes after feeding all day the "bottom out" and get tired.) They are going to let her rest for a feeding and try again at the next. Poor baby girl!

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