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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

15 days old!

Jaycie gained 50grams in a day... so she is now 4lbs 4oz. Before you know it she'll be outgrowing her preemie diapers!

She hasnt been drinking from a bottle at all today... the nurses say shes too tired. One of the things that is frustrating is the different stories/ideas/agendas/ect. from the nurses.

I went to see her today and met her physical therapist for the first time. They were working on her range of motion and her neck and make sure she has infant reflexs (like tucking her legs underneath her when shes on her tummy). This is a daily session that last for 20 min.

She was placed on iron today and will need that when she goes home for the first year of her life. Which is a common thing in breastfed babes.

Her eye duct is doing better. She had an underdeveloped or clogged tear duct. My oldest daughter had the same thing for the first few month of her life. But Jaycies is doing much better now!

She had some Apnea issues again last night. They said she was tuckered out from bottlefeeding ( that is one of the reasons they were being easy on her today and just did the tube feedings)

** I have to remember she is only 33 weeks ges. and cant be discouraged at what she ISNT doing. She is still supposed to be in my tummy for 7 more weeks. I forget this sometimes because she is here and has been here for 2 weeks. She is going to do things at a different pace then im used to. And thats oh kay. I just have to remind myself sometimes! **


Alaina said...

Yeah for gaining more weight! that's always good ... it sounds like she is doing awesome ... she has someone watching over her for sure =)

Jessica said...

I am so happy to hear baby girl is doing well. Your right you need to focus on her accomplishments cause she really is doing awesome and is such a little fighter HUGS! -JessicaSBZHost