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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lifes a Dance...

Alexis, Hunter and Tate taught me a dance. Jaycie is perfecting it. Its a dance of patience. The steps are easy, Two steps forward, One step back. Just when you think the music is coming to an end... it surprises you!

- Patience when driving in morning rush hour on the 101
- Patience when Matt gets off late and I cant get to Jaycie right when I want to.
- Patience on potty training
- Patience on night time potty accidents.
- Patience and dont speed because the new photo radars on the 101... WILL get you!
- Patience with the nurses
- Patience on when your milk comes in
- Patience on your kids speech
- Patience on getting all her feeds
- Patience on getting a back yard done.
- Patience with getting your house in perfect order.
- Patience..... on when she gets to come home.

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