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Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy 2 weeks Jaycie!

Jaycie is two weeks old today. She is also 33 weeks gestation. She weights 4lbs 2oz.

Guess what she got to do today? EAT ORALLY!!! She nursed (real nurse) for a bit and then took some out of a bottle, then fisnished with her NG. (10min nurse, 5cc bottle, 35cc NG) They are going to do bottle feeds as long as she is awake during feeding times. When she is too sleepy to eat orally they will do her feeds through her NG tube so she doesnt choke, aspirate, desat, ect. Im excited for this because its a step in the RIGHT directions. I just pray she does so well at her feeds and wakes up and wants to eat them all orally! Im very excited for her!

EDIT TO ADD @ 3:30pm- The nurse called me to inform me at her 3Oclock feeding she finished ALL 40cc's threw her bottle in 11 min! No desating or anything. That includes her 2 burps.. GO BABY! I am just so thrilled!!


Amma came to visit her today. She got to hold her for the first time. I tried not to hog her to much but... you know me... Im all over that baby!

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Alaina said...

Wow! She is doing great! that is awesome you nursed too ... will they let u continue to try and do that? Thats good your mom was able to come and visit =)