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Saturday, November 29, 2008

3 out of 5!

So there are 5 main areas that Jaycie needs to overcome in order to come home.

-Breath on own... Check

-Steady Weight Gain... Check

-Regulate Temp... Check

-No Heart Issues

-Learn to take all feeds orally

As you can see, she has 3 out of 5 done. She went into a "BIG GIRL" bed today. Its a 3 foot open crib. She look so tiny in it.

She is still having her little heart issues, and they are considering an echo again.

She is much to sleepy really to even attempt her feeds orally. She sleeps most the day. We will continue to give her, her food through her NG and let her get her sleep and GROW! Growth is Brain Growth too!

Here she is in her BIG GIRL BED


Alaina said...

too cute!

catbertie said...

Congratulations from a "babyzone" Jan 09 Mom!! Just thought I'd come over and check out your cutie. Glad to know that she's doing so well....
Cathy (catbertie)

ellie&braydonsmomma said...

Jaycie is one amazing little girl. It just seems like she has changed so much since you had her. Looking at her first born pics and then seeing her in a big girl bed, Wow. Grow Jacie, Grow!
Hugs from a BZ Jan. 09 momma,