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Friday, November 21, 2008

All Aboard...

The roller coaster. So I called this morning and was on hold for over 15 min. The lady comes to the phone and says Jaycie's nurse is with a baby and if I could call back in 15 min. I call back. A Dr. gets on the phone (Now you can imagine how I felt when a DR gets on the phone rather than my babies nurse). She informed me that Jaycie is having some troubles at the moment and they are doing a chest x-ray. Jaycie kept having apnea episodes. They were going to draw more blood to see how her WBC count was and if an infection was brewing. They were going to up her SiPAP to more breaths a min. Up her Caffiene. I was so worried. The Dr said I could call back and get her x-ray results in about an hour and I could learn the game plan.

Well by the time I called back around 10am I was on my way to go see her. Between that time Jaycies x-ray looks GREAT! They took her off SiPAP because they think it was hitting a vega nerve and causing more apnea issues. The moved her feeding tube from her mouth back to her nose and a smaller tube in hopes that wouldnt be hitting the nerve either. They did up her caffiene and she was doing great. They upped her feedings to 6cc's ever 3 hours. YAY GO JAYCIE!

When I got there today I got to hold her. I love holding her! She is such a tiny little baby!
She is tolerating her feeds great! Her output is good!

While I was there my Dr. called the NICU to inform them that my placenta indeed had an infection. The markers of where the infection was, were so high it could have been fatal to Jaycie. The infection causes are unknown. It could have been GBS, It could have been my bag of water had a tear and I didnt notice.
Good thing the MAG didnt stop the contractions. (Another blessing in discuise)

Thank you so much for following and praying for our baby! We appreciate it so much!

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Alaina said...

wow how scary! It is good she did come early then ... so they are not able to determine what it would have been caused by?