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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BeBe Girl

Jaycie is doing well. She is still having a few heart issues with it dropping. She is able to pick it back up. They are going to up her caffeine. She is currently at 34cc's a feed but they want to up it to 38cc's (30cc's is an ounce).

Alexis was able to come up with me yesterday and HOLD Jaycie. You can imagine her excitement. Alexis got a little teary eyed when it was time to leave and didnt want to leave Jaycie there by herself. I told her the nurses were taking good care of her and they wanted Jaycie to get stronger before she came home. I dont think Alexis liked that answer.

Daddy was able to come up with me today and HOG HOLD Jaycie. He fell in love. He also wanted to sneak her out, but agreed that it would be best to keep her there until she is eating and stops having heart issues.
Its really hard leaving this everyday. Walking out of that hospital empty handed everyday is something that wont ever come easy Im sure. I cant wait until I can bring her home and I wont need permission to touch/hold/change/snuggle/nurse/kiss her.

Cant you just fall in love?


The Husted's said...

Oh baby girl your so cute!!!

anneparvin said...

OMG!!! She has found her thumb!!! God Bless you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Elle wants Hunter to know she misses her soccer team and wants to play again someday.