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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2nd night in NICU

Well Jaycie had to get a nasal cannula for now. She keeps having episodes of Brady Cardia (where her heart rate goes down) and then she de-stats (where her Oxygen goes down). This happens when she crys. So they put 2l of O2 on her to see if that helps with the "episodes". Im getting discharged from the hospital today. So the fun begins of driving back and forth (55 miles one way). Im nervous to see how this is going to work out.


Lori said...

many prayers that she continues on a path of strength and recovery! (a friend from Nov '06 BZ birthday group)

Anonymous said...

Here from your DDC on LJ - wishing you guys the best!

Alaina said...

that is going to be hard ... at least you can sleep in your own bed tho, that has to be a plus.

Are the episodes something she will grow out of?