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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Second Day

Today was another good day. Jaycie got her MBR (to check for jaundice) checked and it was 6.9. She is in the clear for now. Her Calcium was a little low and that could be causing the "BRADY EPISODES with her heart" So, she recieved some calcium and is recovering from her episodes herself rather than using nurses for intervention.

I got to hold my baby girl today for the first time. I held her for about 1 1/2 hours and it was PURE LOVE. Holding her, Feeling her, Kissing her. She was all snuggled up doing kangarooing (which is skin to skin contact). Oh my heart melted, I loved it.

Jaycie had a visitor today. Alexis. Alexis came to see her and we prepared her for what she would see. Alexis did AWESOME. She asked questions like...

Q: Whats on her face?
A: oh that helps her breathe, you know how you do breathing treatments and that helps you breathe.

Q: whats the sticker on her heart?
A: Its like a thermometer... this wire is attached here and her temp shows here.

She got to touch her head, She was facinated with her pacifier. When Jaycie started crying for a second Alexis asked if she was alright and I said yeah grab her hand and she grabbed her hand and Jaycie stopped crying. Alexis was proud of herself because she "FIXED" her.

I was discharged from the hospital tonight at about 0630pm. By 9pm I called up the NICU to check up on her and they told me she was doing fine and I started to tear up. I stopped myself because I know she is in good hands and I know its the post partum hormones. Its hard being 55 miles away tho. But Ill be their to visit tomorrow.

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Alaina said...

omg I am tearing up reading that Kristy. I am so happy you were able to hold her and bond with her. And how great that alexis got to meet her as well. It has to be so hard living so far away and having the other kids. Things will work out tho!