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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Late night visit.

Jaycie is just doing so good. I went to see her last night (hence the late update about her) and she was wearing a little outfit. The nurse said she put clothes on her because she didnt want me to get upset about the new IV placement ( in her head). The one in her wrist started getting puffy earlier that day and she had it in her ankle all day until right before change of shift they switched it to her head. She loves having her hands free and all over her face!

She continues to do well on room air and her biliblanket is OFF! She still has bradycardia but comes out of it herself and never de-sats.

She is 3lbs 9oz. Her poor ribs you can see them. They are up-ing her feedings and lowering her IV intake. She didnt have a bowel movement for over 24hrs, so she needed to get a suppository. Yeah, she didnt like that much.

A video of her when I was holding her


anneparvin said...

What a Beautiful Moment!!! There is nothing like holding your new baby and baby having mama hold her!!!!!!!

Kristina said...

How amazing! Go Jaycie!! You're in our thoughts <3

(maptheoceans from the january2009baby lj community)

Alaina said...

she is a princess! I am so glad she is doing so well ... and I am so glad you are able to hold her and bond with her! So the IV is in her head? I didnt know they could do that.