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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Look Mom

I can breath on my own 16 hours after being born!

Jaycie was weaned off ALL Oxygen today. NO Ventalator, NO C-pap, NO nasal cannula.
Her NICU team couldnt be MORE proud of her they said! She is doing awesome.
The tube coming out of her mouth allowed the air to come out of her belly from the c-pap that was pushing air in her nose/lungs. She got fed for the first time 2cc's threw that tube.
As long as she tolerates no O2 for awhile... the will eventually move a tube threw her nose (NG).
She is doing awesome and I beleive its all the prayer she has behind her!


~Jenn~ said...


I'm part of your January LJ community and I've been watching your posts all day. I'm glad she is getting better and better.

Jessica said...

oh so happy that she is doing well what a little fighter! HUGS honey

The Husted's said...

Oh she looks so good!! I cant' wait to come see her again!

anneparvin said...

My prayers are with you all!! She is sooo beautiful and what a trooper, not to mention so are you!!! We missed you at saturdays soccer game, Hunter did so great!!! Elle is going to miss her soccer friends!!

Shelly said...

Beautiful :)

Alaina said...

she is so pretty ... you were blessed with 4 beautiful children!