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Friday, December 5, 2008

Feedings... Feedings...

Jaycie is getting most of her feedings from the NG tube in her nose still. Yesterday though...
9am feeding- 1/2 bottle , 1/2 NG
12pm Feeding- 1/2 nursed, 1/2 NG
3pm feeding- All NG
6pm feeding- All NG
9pm feeding- ALL bottle
12am feeding- 1/2 bottle, 1/2 NG
3am- All NG
6am- ALL bottle

Isnt she doing good? When she normally gets all her feedings from her NG and maybe... ONE a day from a bottle/nurse in a 24 hours period since she was given the OH KAY to do so. With all the sucking and burning calories of eating her food orally they thought she would loose weight or not have as fast of a weight gain. Well as of today she is 4lbs7oz. SHE IS ALMOST 4 1/2 lbs. OH MY GOODNESS! She will be a sack of potatoes before you know it (5lbs).

She is still having her desats in breathing, and her heart rate drops. But like they said before... they usually just mature and stop having those at about 34-36 weeks gestation. Lets hope thats the case for Jaycie.

**Jaycie and her baggy hat**

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